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Colby Amerine
Owner - REI Client Services

Colby Amerine exists to empower sales leaders to increase sales, improve team performance and dynamics and develop mastery in leadership.
  •  Valuable Content:  I have a membership area that has several trainings and scripts.
  •  Coaching Calls: We have a bi-weekly zoom call where we discuss your most current leads and where you may be stuck. We then work through those areas you feel stuck, together, so that you can go close the deal.
  • Never Miss A Call: Zoom calls are recorded/archived in the membership area so you will always have access to calls you have missed. 
  •  Strong Community: We have a Facebook group where we ask questions and provide support.
  •  My Mission:  My main focus is to get you closing deals, working on real solutions, and providing a positive environment.
  •  Long Lasting: I will ALWAYS be adding to the program!
  •  Focused Guidance:  I will answer any marketing or business questions. However, I keep our calls highly focused on sales and closing deals because that's what is going to make you money.
  •  No Contract: There is no contract. As long as you're subscribed, you have unlimited access. You can leave at any time.
Lifetime Membership: Includes everything listed above, plus 1-on-1 consulting to streamline your specific business sales process! ($6K, single payment.)
Monthly Membership: $197 per month for the membership area, Facebook group, and bi-weekly zoom calls.
Membership Includes Exclusive Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls With Colby Amerine & More
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